The Role of Curtains Play in Insulating Your House

Curtains are window coverings that serve a variety of functions. They offer privacy, security, are cost-effective, can complement any home décor, are easy to clean, and most importantly, they offer extra insulation. Having curtains is important, especially during the winter. Discover below the role of curtains play in insulating your house.

Insulated curtains help keep warm air from escaping through the windows, the origin of heat exchange in almost all homes. This prevention of heat exchange will ensure your temperature remains constant without depending heavily on the thermostat.

“The air conditioner requires a lot of electricity. Therefore, less usage will prove beneficial to your bank account and bills.” Says Cranbourne Air Conditioning, a Melbourne heating and cooling company with decades of experience.

Curtains help maintain your room temperature by shielding your rooms from the different types of heat loss. They include radiation, infiltration, conduction, and convection. Insulated curtains slow down the movement of heat from warm areas to cold areas. Variation of the insulation depends on the type of curtains you purchase.

Most curtains have;

  • Reflective vapour barriers that obstruct moisture.
  • High-density foams, blocking sound waves and heat exchange.
  • Outer decorative layers shielded by interior linings.
  • Reflective films, directing heat into the house.

The layers insulate your room windows against the cold outside. Some curtains also have magnetic strips sewn into the edges of the curtains and the adjacent walls. The magnets create a tighter shield with the wall, compared to typical free-hanging curtains. They add layers of protection that insulate your room against the cold weather.

Blackout curtains are also effective solutions to insulate your home. The nature of blackout is to trap heat in the room by blocking light from outside. They are mostly used when one is living in an urban setting full of lights. Covering your windows with blackout curtains keep the little heat left in the room while also blocking any form of heat or cold coming in through the windows.

Dense curtains also help to insulate your house. Not all fabrics are effective in keeping cold air from entering your home. Lightweight materials such as sheer cotton, lace, and line, are lightly woven, allowing cold air into your rooms quickly.

However, dense curtains made with tightly woven textiles such as denim, velvet, tapestry, suede, and tweed ensure a thick barrier that prevents cold air from escaping in. Before installing dense and heavy curtains, ensure the rail rods are strong and stable enough to hold the weight.

Layering your curtains also reduces heat exchange at the window by blocking excessive light and heat. The benefit of layering curtains is you get to test your designing capabilities. You can attach a fabric lining to a solid-colour type of curtain to add functionality, such as insulating the room.

Proper installation of curtains ensures warm air does not escape the room. At the same time, it keeps the cold from penetrating the windows from unseen angles. If you want to block cold air from escaping through gaps found under the ceiling and on top of your curtains, you can add cornice above your draperies.

While covering your windows, hang the curtains broader than the frames. Allow the curtains to touch the floor and push them close to the windows to prevent cold air from penetrating tiny spaces.

If it is sunny and you anticipate rainfall later in the day, week, or month, it is a good idea to open the curtains. The idea is to let the heat come in so that during winter, or when it’s raining, the house will be sufficiently warm. Install lightweight curtains that allow maximum sunlight to pass through. Once the house is sufficiently warm, you can install the blackout or insulated curtains to insulate the room.

The next time you go to buy curtains, insulation should be among your factors for choosing curtains. Depending on your needs, consider the fabric, size, and weight. A larger curtain is suitable for insulation. Tightly-woven fabric curtains are also good for insulation.


Curtains play an important role in insulating your house. They keep bringing in light, and that insulates the room. Simultaneously, curtains can block cold air from entering the house if the proper fabric is used and if the curtains are correctly installed to ensure no cold air escapes tiny spaces.

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6 Ways Bathrooms Have Changed Over the Last Century

A bathroom redo or remodeling is a worthwhile investment for the current generation of homeowners. Intrinsically, bathroom renovation has changed over the years, and you will enjoy the many benefits of such a project, especially if you get it right. This is a project that will:

  • Increase the value of your home, especially if you do a total bathroom redesign, replacing the bathtub and every fixture in the bathroom.
  • Save more money on utility costs.
  • Help reduce clutter in a poorly designed bathroom by coming up with smart designs available in today’s cabinetry.
  • Your bathroom will also become a more peaceful oasis where you can perform your daily ablutions stress-free.
  • You get a chance to make your bathroom more eco-friendly by investing updated fixtures that are designed for a well-updated bathroom.

A Changing Interior Space

The bathroom is one of the rooms in a home that has gone through a tremendous evolution. Significant changes have been made in this space. Today’s bathroom has seen changes in technology, styling, design, and function.

The 1960s bathrooms popularized bright and psychedelic hues. Think back to the hot pinks, seafoam greens and other rather bold colour choices. The 1990s bathroom models introduced cabinetry designs where the corner tub become the in-thing. By the turn of the new millennium, many homes started to include spa-like designs, and granite and concrete were in vogue. Now we are seeing a resurgence of the sparse concrete bathroom that boasts a robust look and modern / brutal appeal.

The bathrooms of today and are very different from those in many homes in ancient times. A look at the evolution of this space will get the best of both worlds. In essence, here are six ways bathrooms have changed over the last century. Have a look:


The floor of your bathroom is a crucial part of this space. Bathroom flooring ideas of the last decades have changed, and contractors are coming up with new ideas each day. Materials used for building bathroom floors have evolved over the years. You can incorporate a classic and timeless traditional floor design into today’s technology-enhanced flooring ideas.

Today, you can decide to use updated tile, long-lasting vinyl flooring and affordable and user-friendly tiles. The design you choose can go over the top of your current bathroom floor. Concrete flooring is the in-thing and has become a popular material in modern bathroom flooring designs thanks to its durability and industrial atmospheres. They are also beautiful design options and low-maintenance.


The 1990s brought about the large double-sink vanity combined with a huge mirror. Hollywood dressing room style lights become the in-thing before the start of the 2000s. This bathroom remodeling idea has not faded away.

Lighting is the fad in many homes these days, and you should not have any misgivings about incorporating the idea into your project. A light lift will create a fresh oasis in your bathroom.

You no longer have to include blinds over windows and get natural light streaming in. Homeowners can go for frosted glass, add a skylight or go for the current light fixtures that will give your bathroom a fresh and updated look.


No matter how easily aesthetics may change with time, an all-white approach will give your bathroom an enduring style. Go on and update fixtures in your bathroom and push boundaries with basic white. You can dress the windows, lift light with shade, or pick a pearly palette.

Opting for bathroom white is also a great idea to make this space look bigger. Many people are attracted to cleanliness because it’s a color of purity, and as the saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”


Adding natural elements in the home has, over the years, become a fad that has extended into the bathroom. The use of live plants is the in-thing, and many homeowners are even opting for outdoor showers. It’s easy these days to add a little nature to the bathroom. For instance, you can decide to widen your windows, add greenery, use natural materials or opt for earth tones or hues.


The advent of technology has delivered ease of use and personalized experiences to many homes. Probably you have heard or read about heated floors. The use of concrete flooring has presented homeowners with the opportunity to add radiant heat to make the floors more comfortable and warm.


Glass-enclosed showers are the in-thing these days. But most importantly, the general design of bathrooms has added privacy, a feature that didn’t exist in traditional bathrooms. Privacy is a recent attribute to our washroom-going norms and habits.

Outdoor and communal toilets were the in-thing many decades ago. Significantly, indoor bathrooms are popular now, and this is the most private way to go about your washroom-going business.


There is a lot to look forward to in the future of the bathroom space. With the ever-growing technology, bathrooms will keep becoming simplistic and modernized. Many architects and home designers are coming up with unique ideas to make bathrooms smart, bigger and spacious. The future of washrooms is exciting, and there is a lot to do and renovate this vital space in your home.

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How To Create A New Design For Your Residential Or Commercial Space

Are you thinking about giving your home or commercial space a makeover but are a bit overwhelmed with where to start? Don’t worry, this article gives you an idea of what you have to do to create a new and stylish design for the space of your choice. While hiring an expert in interior design Sydney is definitely an option, there are some things you have to decide on your own first.

interior design Sydney

Create A Vision By Doing A Walk Around

Before you are starting a new interior design project, you need to figure out what style you are after and which parts of the available space you want to redesign. In order to become clear about your style and vision for your space, it can help to plan a walk around through the area you have chosen. It can be difficult to get the feel for your space if you haven’t explored it before, so it can be worth it to plan your walk around. Here are some tips on how to get the most of your tour:

  • Plan your route as you go through the various rooms and areas in your home so you will be able to see what you are looking for.
  • Take your time when you are planning your walk around. Take breaks every once in a while so you don’t get too distracted by all the different aspects of your space. If you are planning to do a whole house tour, take a tour of each room to see how everything looks together. This is often an eye-opening experience.
  • It is also important to make notes of any items you find that need to be changed or removed. Things that might not seem very important to you at first but you might want to consider later on.
  • Another very important part of the walk around is to check to see if there are any areas where you have to leave some extra space. For instance, if you have a wall, take a look around the space between the wall and the other walls. There are often places that need to be left empty so you can move furniture to. This will free up some extra floor space that you need.

Finding The Right Interior Designer For You

Once you have created a vision and figured out which areas and items you want to change, it is time to get in touch with a professional. Experts in the field of interior design know many tips and tricks on how to implement your vision into reality and can help you find the most suitable items. But how can you find the right interior designer in Sydney that understands your personal needs? There are a few things you should take into account when looking for the right company or person:

  • Do some research and look through different portfolios online. Like that you can find companies that suit the style of your vision that you want to realise. 
  • Ask your friends and family for a referral, do you know anyone whose house or office design catches your eye? Ask them for their best interior designer in Sydney.
  • You should definitely ask for an initial consultation on how to best design your available space. Don’t be afraid to talk about your ideas and visions, it is important to share everything that is on your mind. Only after an initial consultation, you know whether you can see yourself working together with the company or not.
  • Organise a meeting in person rather than a consultation over the phone. Personal chemistry is really important when it comes to hiring an interior designer, as, especially designing your home, can be quite an intimate topic. 
  • Request a quote and discuss possible expenses of the designing process. Some companies tend to give you vague answers and charge a fortune after their work is finished. To avoid this inconvenience, make sure you get a clear picture of what to expect financially.

If you take all of these points into account when looking for your interior designer in Sydney, you have the best chances of finding the right one for you. Some companies like Dovetail Design, for instance, developed a great reputation in the industry and are known for their professionalism and unique style.

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Small Bathroom Renovations Ideas

Small bathroom renovations brisbane can be quite a challenge but if you do your research you can make a beautiful space from something that looks small. There are several bathroom designs Brisbane that work well with just the right amount of space and design.

A bathroom should have just the right amount of privacy and convenience for a person to feel at ease in their new home. If you have an existing bathroom and are thinking about renovating it, you may want to consider changing the tiles, cabinets, taps, or shower, or adding a small space to make use of the extra space. Bathroom designs Brisbane is available to suit anyone’s budget and desire.

Bathroom renovations Brisbane also requires careful thought and careful consideration to make sure the small bathroom renovations are not going to affect the overall look of the house. You also need to consider making sure the design has access to the facilities like a toilet, bath, sink, wash basin, hot water tap, etc. The design you choose should be simple, yet functional and comfortable.

The majority of bathrooms designs Brisbane include double sinks. These types of designs feature two separate sinks to create an illusion of more space by having two different space areas that are separated by a partition. Most people enjoy having a double sink in the bathroom as it makes it easier to get things done in the bathroom.

Shower renovations Brisbane allow for showers that are slightly smaller than the ones found in larger bathroom designs. They are also much easier to install and require less space. You can choose a shower that has just one shower curtain, which is quite easy to install. If you decide to install more than one shower then you will need to find a shower curtain rod and shower curtain hardware to hold the curtain up.

Shower renovations Brisbane includes small shelves and built in shelves for storage. The shelves can be fitted in the wall or under the sink. When the shelves are installed in the wall they allow for storage underneath the sink for towels, cleaning products, hair dryers, and other personal items.

Shower renovations Brisbane can also add lighting to the walls to make the room brighter and to help the room look more spacious. A beautiful, large skylight can open the bathroom to create a view of the outdoors. A decorative diffuser under the bath can help to brighten up the room.

Small bathroom renovations can also change the flooring. Wood, marble, and concrete are popular choices for floors. Having different colors of wood installed in the flooring will add a warm, natural feel to the bathroom.

Decorating your bathroom is part of bathroom designs Brisbane. They include mirror frames, picture frames, mosaics, wall art, and ceramic tile backsplashes.

A very interesting option for bathroom renovations is to use mirrored panels. A mirrored panel can be placed in the wall over a sink so that you can see yourself while bathing.

Before beginning any small bathroom renovations, it is important to do some research on the size of the space. It can be hard to get a good idea of the space when you are measuring and preparing the rooms to fit with other furniture and appliances.

There are many websites that have wonderful information on small bathroom designs Brisbane. There are a number of contractors, who provide bathroom renovations Brisbane, and these professionals can make the process of renovating your bathroom fun and exciting.

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Bathroom Hazards

What are the Bathroom Hazards?
There are a lot of bathroom hazards that we should be aware of. A lot of children and seniors get injured in the bathroom even if they are with someone else. In this scenario, prevention is the best medicine. There are some people these things as accidents when in reality, they could have been prevented. Another bathroom hazard is the chemicals present in shampoos. This could easily be prevented by buying from only trusted brands. You can never tell what they put in those shampoos. Also, it would be great if you take time and look at the ingredients of the products you buy before using them. Some companies use ingredients that make their shampoo smell great but they are dangerous to your health.

Another bathroom hazard is toilet germs. Even if toilets are thoroughly cleaned, you must think about the dirt that is scattered throughout the bathroom floor. Some people were not conscious when the used the toilet. They could have puked on it and a lot of germs scattered throughout the floor. Therefore, you must not forget to clean that mess up or you can have someone to help, such as bathroom renovations Melbourne, or else you will be suffering from it when the time comes. One bathroom hazard that nobody ever talks about is the shower moulds. A hot shower may feel great but you are going to leave behind a lot of moulds there. It could attract a bunch of pests to come to the bathroom and you may get bitten by a dangerous mosquito. It would be great to mop the floor after you take a shower.

How can you prevent accidents in the bathroom?
The first thing to do would be to maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom. It is no secret a lot of people use the bathroom several times in one day. When someone takes a bath, you can be sure the bathroom will become slippery. Thus, better go there and clean it up to make sure nobody slips and gets injured. It won’t take a lot of time to do it anyway. If the showerhead is not an adjustable one, then you must make it adjustable. You may not see the use of it for now but it is going to minimize movement while you are showering. Besides, you are going to lose vision temporarily while taking a shower so it would be best to not move around a bit.

There are times when the bathroom gets too bright during the day. As a result, it will not be as shiny during nighttime. When that happens, the best thing to do would be to put a nightlight there. If it is dark in the bathroom, the place would be prone to accidents. That is true for any place in your house so it is important to make sure the light inside the bathroom is always working. If it malfunctions, then you must prioritize buying a new one. Don’t wait for something bad to happen before you do something about it. Perhaps, the best thing to remember while using the toilet would be to take your time. It is normal to rush because you are late for work. However, the more you hurry, the more likely you are to get into an accident so do it slowly.

How can I make my Bathroom Safe for Seniors?
One way to make the bathroom safe for seniors safe is to put a bench on the bathtub. This will probably take up some space but you will feel how important it is when the person accidentally slips on the bathtub and he will have something to hold onto. Another way to make the place safe for them is to extend the toilet seat. It is no secret they will have a hard time moving around the bathroom. When they sit on the toilet seat, they will have a hard time getting up from it too. The toilet seat extender would allow them to get up from it easier. It is no secret their knees would hurt when they need to get up from a low toilet seat. This would put that worry away.

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Bathroom Renovations – Opportunities For Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Renovations – Opportunities For Bathroom Design Ideas

A great way to find inspiration for bathroom renovations is the chance to view smaller bathroom renovations Brisbane Northside. When looking at small bathroom renovations, you are taking advantage of the fact that bathrooms are not usually huge rooms. These small bathroom renovations allow you to see what other aspects and elements could work for your bathroom design.

Small bathroom renovations allow you to see the smallest details and ideas that could make a big difference for your bathroom design. One of the advantages of small bathroom renovations is that they are often not as expensive. In many cases, you can have a smaller renovation for half the cost of a larger project.

If you want to affect your bathroom redesign with small bathroom renovations, you need to be realistic about how much you can afford. The least amount of money you can spend on renovations is usually two-thirds of the total cost of the bathroom. This means that if you cannot afford to spend more than a third of the total cost of the bathroom, you may not be able to change too much in the design of the bathroom. At this point, you can try to work on redesigning the bathroom to fit the budget you have.

After looking at the small bathroom renovations that allow you to see the small details, you need to consider the other aspects of the bathroom design that are a part of the bathroom. You need to consider the style of the bathroom, as well as the functionality of the room. It would be best if you decided what elements or styles you want to include in your bathroom design.

A budget bathroom can include a variety of bathroom accessories. To determine what shower accessories you will need, you need to look at the budget of the bathroom. You can also work on deciding what tile colour you want to use in the bathroom, as well as choose the material of the flooring.

Another aspect of the small bathroom renovations Brisbane Northside is the addition of accessories. You can add wall mirrors, candles, faucets, and even window treatments to your small bathroom. Accessories can make or break your compact bathroom design, and it is essential to remember to consider the overall theme of the bathroom before choosing any accessories.

When you begin looking at the shower accessories, you need to consider the style of the bathroom. If you want to keep a similar style of bathroom throughout the renovation, you may want to look for accessories that are similar to the existing accessories in the bathroom. If you want to choose a unique style of bathroom accessory, you can start by looking at things that are similar to the style of the bathroom.

When you are trying to figure out the budget for your small bathroom renovations, you can work on the style of your bathroom. You can use the idea of a classic style bathroom, or you can consider something more modern. For example, you can use tiles in your bathroom and have some ornate designs.

The idea of small bathroom renovations should give you some ideas about the size of the bathroom. It can be hard to decide on how much space you need in the bathroom, so it is a good idea to look at the size of your existing bathroom, and the size of the new bathroom. This way, you can decide how big you want the bathroom to be.

Bathroom Renovations can involve changing the layout of the bathroom. You can choose to add additional features to the bathroom, such as showers and bathrooms. The final decision to be made is whether or not to keep the bathtub in the bathroom.

When you are planning for small bathroom renovations, it is important to decide where you want to place the tub. If you choose to include the container in your bathroom, you will need to add the bathtub. You can add other features to the bath, such as the basin, toilet, and a toilet seat.

If you can find the money for your bathroom renovations, you can always add a small bathroom addition, such as a shaver, toilet seat, or a minibar. These additions can make your bathroom even lower, but they can also make it the perfect place to get a little bit of relaxation, especially when you have visitors.

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Bathroom Renovation: Do’s and Dont’s to Remember

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, there are a few rights and wrongs you need to keep in mind, especially if you’re sticking to a budget or need a specific area or aspect to be fixed or highlighted. To help you with just that, here are a few do’s and dont’s you should keep in mind. Read on…

  • Hire a builder, not a plumber to manage your project. Plumbers can only see the pipework and install the fixtures, but a builder can see the entire project from start to finish, especially if you’re planning to remodel the entire bathroom.
  • Skip the DIY part, especially for the bathroom. There’s very little you can do yourself when it comes to redecorating your bathroom, and even if you try, you may end up spending a lot of time (and possibly money) and come up with something that isn’t even functional and durable for a long time.
  • Have a 20 per cent budget buffer in mind- things can get expensive when remodelling a home, and keeping an estimate of 20% higher cost can help you stick to your budget.
  • Avoid moving the pipework- you may be tempted to want to change the look of the entire space which may involve moving the pipework too, but if you do so, not only will it be more expensive and time-consuming, but it might not be good news for your wallet in terms of additional unexpected expenses.
  • Choose small, textured tiles for your shower floor if you’re planning to change the tiles. The texture and extra grouting will help prevent your feet from slipping once it is all soapy and wet.
  • Make sure you have a good bathroom fan for ventilation. Having a window is ideal, but if that is not workable, a fan can help provide ventilation and allow the humidity to escape properly.
  • Cover and resurface parts of your bathroom that you wish to change, instead of having them entirely removed and worked on. This will not just reduce the time and effort spent on them, but will also be a cost-effective solution.
  • Keep the tub only if you plan to use it. A lot of homes come with tubs installed already, but if you’re a shower person and don’t really use it, it doesn’t make sense having it at all. Instead, use that space to store your bathroom essentials and having it removed will also make your bathroom spacious.

Following these simple tips and tricks can work wonderfully and make your bathroom renovation project a success!

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`Obsessed With Identity`: Chinese Architects Spark a New Discourse in Design

We’re designing it in China and having it made in Portugal. Why? Because it’s really just the best craft, we’ve seen so far. What we’re saying is that China needs to step out there and show the world that we can also design and create. It’s not about the world bringing the designs into China’s factory to make, but we’re bringing Chinese design out to the world to make.

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Fake designer furniture

Why is it that normally respectable folks, who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a fake Rolex, or carrying a fake Louis Vuitton, think it’s fine to fill their houses with fake designer furniture?

Apart from the dubious ethics involved in stealing some impoverished Danish  designer’s hard work, and supporting a Chinese sweatshop industry where toddlers  are whipped until they make enough chair legs, isn’t there something terribly  desperate  about wanting a house full of cheap rip-offs?

Most of these fakes are so built down to a price they don’t even begin to approximate the quality and attention to detail of the real thing. There’s a  reason why a real Eames lounge chair will set you back the best part of six grand, while a papier-mache and sticky-tape version can be had for less than  $1000.

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Celebrate Authentic Australian Design: Workshopped12 Exhibition

This year’s Workshopped exhibition – the 12th from the talented team – is themed ‘Local Design, Global Market: Be an international designer‘.

The event will showcase over 60 designers from around Australian plus guests from New Zealand and the USA.

Workshopped Director, Raymond Scott said, “We were overwhelmed with applications for this year’s exhibition  – there’s a great range of designs and a number we hope will make it to market.”

The Workshopped team passionately support authentic design and have a vision of there one day being an authentic Australian design in every Australian home.

The exhibition launch event – which has fast become one of Sydney’s leading design events – is on Wednesday 31st October – with over 800 members of the design industry expected to attend.

The exhibition then runs from Thursday 1st November through to Saturday 10th November and admission is free.7

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