6 Ways Bathrooms Have Changed Over the Last Century

A bathroom redo or remodeling is a worthwhile investment for the current generation of homeowners. Intrinsically, bathroom renovation has changed over the years, and you will enjoy the many benefits of such a project, especially if you get it right. This is a project that will:

  • Increase the value of your home, especially if you do a total bathroom redesign, replacing the bathtub and every fixture in the bathroom.
  • Save more money on utility costs.
  • Help reduce clutter in a poorly designed bathroom by coming up with smart designs available in today’s cabinetry.
  • Your bathroom will also become a more peaceful oasis where you can perform your daily ablutions stress-free.
  • You get a chance to make your bathroom more eco-friendly by investing updated fixtures that are designed for a well-updated bathroom.

A Changing Interior Space

The bathroom is one of the rooms in a home that has gone through a tremendous evolution. Significant changes have been made in this space. Today’s bathroom has seen changes in technology, styling, design, and function.

The 1960s bathrooms popularized bright and psychedelic hues. Think back to the hot pinks, seafoam greens and other rather bold colour choices. The 1990s bathroom models introduced cabinetry designs where the corner tub become the in-thing. By the turn of the new millennium, many homes started to include spa-like designs, and granite and concrete were in vogue. Now we are seeing a resurgence of the sparse concrete bathroom that boasts a robust look and modern / brutal appeal.

The bathrooms of today and are very different from those in many homes in ancient times. A look at the evolution of this space will get the best of both worlds. In essence, here are six ways bathrooms have changed over the last century. Have a look:


The floor of your bathroom is a crucial part of this space. Bathroom flooring ideas of the last decades have changed, and contractors are coming up with new ideas each day. Materials used for building bathroom floors have evolved over the years. You can incorporate a classic and timeless traditional floor design into today’s technology-enhanced flooring ideas.

Today, you can decide to use updated tile, long-lasting vinyl flooring and affordable and user-friendly tiles. The design you choose can go over the top of your current bathroom floor. Concrete flooring is the in-thing and has become a popular material in modern bathroom flooring designs thanks to its durability and industrial atmospheres. They are also beautiful design options and low-maintenance.


The 1990s brought about the large double-sink vanity combined with a huge mirror. Hollywood dressing room style lights become the in-thing before the start of the 2000s. This bathroom remodeling idea has not faded away.

Lighting is the fad in many homes these days, and you should not have any misgivings about incorporating the idea into your project. A light lift will create a fresh oasis in your bathroom.

You no longer have to include blinds over windows and get natural light streaming in. Homeowners can go for frosted glass, add a skylight or go for the current light fixtures that will give your bathroom a fresh and updated look.


No matter how easily aesthetics may change with time, an all-white approach will give your bathroom an enduring style. Go on and update fixtures in your bathroom and push boundaries with basic white. You can dress the windows, lift light with shade, or pick a pearly palette.

Opting for bathroom white is also a great idea to make this space look bigger. Many people are attracted to cleanliness because it’s a color of purity, and as the saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”


Adding natural elements in the home has, over the years, become a fad that has extended into the bathroom. The use of live plants is the in-thing, and many homeowners are even opting for outdoor showers. It’s easy these days to add a little nature to the bathroom. For instance, you can decide to widen your windows, add greenery, use natural materials or opt for earth tones or hues.


The advent of technology has delivered ease of use and personalized experiences to many homes. Probably you have heard or read about heated floors. The use of concrete flooring has presented homeowners with the opportunity to add radiant heat to make the floors more comfortable and warm.


Glass-enclosed showers are the in-thing these days. But most importantly, the general design of bathrooms has added privacy, a feature that didn’t exist in traditional bathrooms. Privacy is a recent attribute to our washroom-going norms and habits.

Outdoor and communal toilets were the in-thing many decades ago. Significantly, indoor bathrooms are popular now, and this is the most private way to go about your washroom-going business.


There is a lot to look forward to in the future of the bathroom space. With the ever-growing technology, bathrooms will keep becoming simplistic and modernized. Many architects and home designers are coming up with unique ideas to make bathrooms smart, bigger and spacious. The future of washrooms is exciting, and there is a lot to do and renovate this vital space in your home.