Bathroom Hazards

What are the Bathroom Hazards?
There are a lot of bathroom hazards that we should be aware of. A lot of children and seniors get injured in the bathroom even if they are with someone else. In this scenario, prevention is the best medicine. There are some people these things as accidents when in reality, they could have been prevented. Another bathroom hazard is the chemicals present in shampoos. This could easily be prevented by buying from only trusted brands. You can never tell what they put in those shampoos. Also, it would be great if you take time and look at the ingredients of the products you buy before using them. Some companies use ingredients that make their shampoo smell great but they are dangerous to your health.

Another bathroom hazard is toilet germs. Even if toilets are thoroughly cleaned, you must think about the dirt that is scattered throughout the bathroom floor. Some people were not conscious when the used the toilet. They could have puked on it and a lot of germs scattered throughout the floor. Therefore, you must not forget to clean that mess up or you can have someone to help, such as bathroom renovations Melbourne, or else you will be suffering from it when the time comes. One bathroom hazard that nobody ever talks about is the shower moulds. A hot shower may feel great but you are going to leave behind a lot of moulds there. It could attract a bunch of pests to come to the bathroom and you may get bitten by a dangerous mosquito. It would be great to mop the floor after you take a shower.

How can you prevent accidents in the bathroom?
The first thing to do would be to maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom. It is no secret a lot of people use the bathroom several times in one day. When someone takes a bath, you can be sure the bathroom will become slippery. Thus, better go there and clean it up to make sure nobody slips and gets injured. It won’t take a lot of time to do it anyway. If the showerhead is not an adjustable one, then you must make it adjustable. You may not see the use of it for now but it is going to minimize movement while you are showering. Besides, you are going to lose vision temporarily while taking a shower so it would be best to not move around a bit.

There are times when the bathroom gets too bright during the day. As a result, it will not be as shiny during nighttime. When that happens, the best thing to do would be to put a nightlight there. If it is dark in the bathroom, the place would be prone to accidents. That is true for any place in your house so it is important to make sure the light inside the bathroom is always working. If it malfunctions, then you must prioritize buying a new one. Don’t wait for something bad to happen before you do something about it. Perhaps, the best thing to remember while using the toilet would be to take your time. It is normal to rush because you are late for work. However, the more you hurry, the more likely you are to get into an accident so do it slowly.

How can I make my Bathroom Safe for Seniors?
One way to make the bathroom safe for seniors safe is to put a bench on the bathtub. This will probably take up some space but you will feel how important it is when the person accidentally slips on the bathtub and he will have something to hold onto. Another way to make the place safe for them is to extend the toilet seat. It is no secret they will have a hard time moving around the bathroom. When they sit on the toilet seat, they will have a hard time getting up from it too. The toilet seat extender would allow them to get up from it easier. It is no secret their knees would hurt when they need to get up from a low toilet seat. This would put that worry away.