Cobonpue Counters Counterfeits…

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Arguably one of Asia’s biggest names in International design, Kenneth Cobonpue has hewn for himself a career that marries the best of Eastern manufacturing techniques and aesthetics with contemporary collections that are as relevant and practical in Western applications.

Trained in the US and Europe, the now Cebu based designer continues to spearhead the contemporary Asian design movement under his own name and in the form of creative director for HIVE, a collective of international designers and artisans who produce lighting and accessories – sold globally.

The World Intellectual Property Organization’s current WIPO Magazine this month profiles the designer.  Pressing him on his thoughts on the ongoing problem of replicas and their impact on the design landscape, especially in the East where a great majority are produced.

For the full, insightful interview click here.

Phoenix Eco-Car Image Courtesy: Kenneth Cobonpue



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