Dwelling on Design Knockoffs…

We applaud the team at dwell.com who have dedicated much of their recent content to raising awareness about counterfeit design.

Deputy Editor Jaime Gillin has penned numerous pieces in recent months addressing the “real cost” of replicas, as well as publishing the opinions on this issue put forward by design industry luminaries.

From the evils of Zara to America’s disposable culture to the real value of a $1,000 chair, here are ten designers, manufacturers, and design observers sounding off on knockoffs and authentic design.

We would urge you to pop over to www.dwell.com and read these pieces.

Gillin puts forward compelling counter-arguments for the myriad excuses and “justifications” consumers roll out in defence of their counterfeit purchases, at the same time as clearly and concisely pinpointing what it is that makes the continued sale of these items so damaging to design itself.