Emeco sues Restoration Warehouse for stealing Navy Chair® Design

The Emeco Navy Chair® vs The Restoration Hardware ‘Naval Chair’.

Emeco, the genuine handcraft company based in Hanover, Pennsylvania, today sued home furnishing giant Restoration Hardware and its former CEO and present “Creator and Curator” Gary Friedman, asserting claims for trade dress and trademark counterfeiting and infringement.

What Restoration Hardware is trying to do is bad for the American consumer, bad for American jobs and bad for the global environment.
–Gregg Buchbinder, Emeco CEO.

The lawsuit, filed in San Francisco in the United States District Court, alleges that Restoration Hardware has engaged in willful and flagrant infringement of Emeco’s trade dress and trademark rights for its world-renowned Navy Chair® by selling a series of cheap knockoffs with the near-identical “Naval Chair” name that copy verbatim the iconic and highly distinctive design of the Navy Chair®.  The irreparable harm caused by Restoration Hardware, an established company, to Emeco’s reputation and significant goodwill is massive, incomparable to that caused by a typical, small-time counterfeiter. The real deal: Emeco’s iconic Navy Chair

Emeco has filed this action to halt that harm and protect its exclusive rights.  Emeco seeks a preliminary and permanent injunction to stop Restoration Hardware’s unlawful conduct and the damages to which the law entitles it. The allegedly illegally manufactured counterfeits also include the “Navy Armchairs”, “Navy Barstools” and “Navy Counter stools” – exact counterfeits of Emeco’s Navy Chair® Collection.

Emeco’s quality guarantee of The Navy Chair® is the result of elaborate and precise specifications developed by the U.S. Navy in 1944 in conjunction with ALCOA Aluminum. These specifications are still used by the craftsmen at Emeco in a unique 77-step process that meets the most stringent American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association (BIFMA) standards. The chairs are tested to last 150 years.

Emeco is an American success story that has demonstrated to the market its value and sustainability. We create American jobs and work with the best designers to manufacture a product respected and sought after around the world. For us, stealing our Navy Chair® design is like stealing the Nike Swoosh or the Mercedes Benz logo, and then exploiting our brand and reputation to produce an inferior product.

– Gregg Buchbinder, Emeco CEO.