Lights! Camera! Take Action!

Piracy plays a very real and very damaging role on every level of the film, television and entertainment industries.

Much like the ongoing battle the broader arts and creative community are waging to protect their work, our friends in the local and International film and television industry are very much feeling the impact of copying and illegal downloads.

The Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation (IPA) was established in 2009, and similarly to the ADA it seeks to educate the general public on the consequences (seemingly unknown to most) of their actions in pirating entertainment.

Backed by the likes of Margaret Pomerantz, George Miller (Babe, Mad Max, Happy Feet) and Joel Edgerton (The Great Gatsby, Star Wars) the IPA is targeting a younger demographic with the byline: “Nothing Beats The Real Thing”.

Lending his support to the cause this week is Australian Director and Actor John Polson (Mission Impossibe 2).

There is a direct connection between that revenue generation and really how good the quality of content is…