Much Ado About Blahnik…

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Her we throw the spotlight back to the catwalk – an industry where counterfeit and copying is largely illegal. But that doesn’t always stop the copy-cats!

Fashion labels spend an inordinate amount of money in the preservation of their brand and the protection of their image and rightly so. The New York Magazine this week brought us a rather guerilla-style approach to counterfeit detection, coming from the very top.

Manolo Blahnik – the King of Cobblers – is reported to have recently spotted two seemingly well shod ladies out and about in Milan. His elation at seeing his designs doing the rounds however, were curtailed when on closer inspection (in Milan of all places!):

“He says he saw two Chinese women sporting shoes that were unmistakably of his design, “but in a wonderful colour I had never seen before. So I asked: ‘Where did you get your shoes?’ ‘Manolo Blahnik.’ I said: ‘No, my dear: these are not Manolo, these are plastic! With a horrid little plastic buckle!’”

Also making headlines in the US this week is the legal stoush that continues between Gucci and Guess.
You’d think that with the battle of fashion forgery and mimicry a threat to both brands and a common issue for these two multinationals, there would be some sense of understanding that each would be off limits to the other.  Gucci however in 2009 sued Guess on grounds that their ‘G’ logo and some designs were impinging on their creative property and profiting through association. Only yesterday this made it to court.

New York Magazine predicts this will invariably settle out of court, as most fashion law suits do, however with loss-figures claimed in the vicinity of $220 million, it’s definitely significant enough to warrant a crack law firm on side all the same.

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