Pirates of Beijing…

Looking for fakes?  ”Back in 5″ –  Thats the word on the street where counterfeit material is most common in Beijing last week.

In areas where procurement of pirated DVDs and access to designer clothing rip-offs is most prevalent, a peculiar blackout on dodgy trade had descended, leaving locals and visitors on the hunt for a “bargain”, scratching their heads.

The reason for the break in regular transmission was the World Intellectual Property Convention (run by the World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO), which was running in the Nations Capital over the last week in June.

Interestingly pointed out by the Sydney Morning Herald’s China correspondent John Garnaut:

The pirating of fashion labels and cultural content upsets multinational companies but raises little concern among citizens in China.

Mass outbreaks of fake food, counterfeit medicine and adulterated milk, on the other hand, cause outrage.

Perhaps most telling, was that retailers who were drastically reducing the price and hiding the inauthenticity of their goods to keep sales moving during the ban, were confident of return to business-as-usual as soon as delegates departed.